What is trending globally in 2015?

JWT: The Future 100 from JWTIntelligence   For those looking to bring the next new thing into Saudi – here is the advertising agency JWT’s Annual Top 100 Slideshare – a look at what will be trending across the globe in 2015 and why each entry is interesting. This year includes Mipsters (24) who are digitally connected, stylish, entrepreneurial young… Read more →

Investor Types

Differences between Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Though, angel investors and venture capitalists, at most times have similar objectives – there are some key differences between them which are important for companies and businesses to know about and acknowledge. These key differences ultimately might affect the shaping of a company’s financial policy, and hence, it is of significant value that a business or a company is adequately… Read more →

Rule 2 for building a successful SME Business in Saudi – create useful SYSTEMS

It is about understanding that the real value in your business is in its information and SYSTEMS To make businesses successful, allow for growth and keep them secure you need to support good PEOPLE with great SYSTEMS that help make things happen. This includes governance where it is needed and everyone’s roles linked to useful processes and systems. Businesses starting… Read more →

From Me to We

Rule 1 for building a successful SME Business in Saudi – start with PEOPLE

Start with PEOPLE by moving from ‘Me’ to ‘We’. Why? From my experience, the majority of the current SME  businesses in Saudi Arabia (small to medium enterprises usually owner managed) are all way too much about the Boss. Typically they are a one man show or family unit who control every decision on strategic priorities, the adoption of innovative ideas… Read more →

Infographic saudi job creation

Challenge or Opportunity – Building the SME Sector in Saudi Arabia (Infographic)

Not new news but the statistics tell a story that is both important and urgent. It requires our attention now. Rather than focus on the dialogue around the challenges. See the strategy to build an entrepreneurial business climate and as individuals and businesses let us always support those that step up, take risks and innovate – launching, building and growing… Read more →