Give us a Chance

The word in town is that the SME sector will take over the reins of business over the coming few years. This promising sector will be at the forefront of economic growth and will be the main catalyst for Saudi creations. The establishment of the SME agency is a major step in helping to stabilize and develop an ecosystem that… Read more →


Financial statements 101

Financial statements A financial statement (or money related report) is a formal record of the budgetary exercises and position & performance of a business, individual, or other element. Pertinent money related data is exhibited in an organized way and in a structure straightforward. Importance and usefulness of financial statements Financial statements are critical for some reasons; however here are three… Read more →

Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch

  More than ever before, a good investment pitch is a requirement for any entrepreneur who needs to raise capital in order to launch a new idea, brand or product. With so many start-ups and savvy small to medium enterprises (SMEs) launching each and every year, competition for funding is fierce. What steps can you take to ensure that you secure the funding… Read more →

Business Coashing

Benefits of Having a Business Coach

  A coach is someone who trains and develops you, providing you with all the support that you require to grow. Similarly, a business coach can deliver a realistic assessment of your businesses strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of improvement, bring about changes and make your business expand and meet goals beyond your expectations. Being a business owner or a manager is no easy task… Read more →



  SME’s are the most important resources of innovation and at the same time origins of growth and job creation. SMEs account for between 80 percent and 95 percent of formal sector enterprises in MENAP and the CCA, they only contribute about 30 percent of GDP and 20–50 percent of private sector Employment where as in the Organization for Economic… Read more →


VC 101

Venture Capital Venture capital is money provided to new, early-stage businesses that have a high potential for growth. The venture capitalist owns equity in the company it invests in as a reward for the risk they take by investing in a start-up.   Although the fact that venture capital firms usually take active management roles is a source of controversy, this… Read more →


Value of Private Equity

Private equity investments pertains to the use and allocation of funds and assets for investing directly into private businesses or carrying buyouts of public companies which leads to acquired public companies being delisting as public bodies. Primarily speaking, private equity investments are directed towards the fulfilment of various objectives such as funding new and latest technological ventures, strengthening a balance… Read more →


Entrepreneurship: Hope vs. Hype

A recent study by Bloomberg shows that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. In other studies, this number increases to 95% in the first 5 years.  This is shocking, given the fact that everyone is talking about successful entrepreneurs, and with newspapers and magazines bolstering their entrepreneur of the week, month or… Read more →