Introducing United Consulting Group


At UCG our business is all about supporting the growth of the SME sector in Saudi Arabia. We are a Saudi business offering consultancy, performance coaching and investment advice to the Saudi SME Sector. We work with modern Saudi entrepreneurs, established owner managers and family businesses – to help them build and grow great sustainable enterprises – making the right choices to create the business,  lifestyle and legacy they want. We also work with government policy makers, investors and incubators on strategy and programs that connect them more to their customers to progress the SME Agenda in Saudi.

Our team are predominantly talented Saudi’s who have extensive experience of launching, investing in, growing, transforming, advising and running businesses in Saudi – large and small. They understand Saudi life and the importance of growing modern local businesses –  in that – they ‘get’ Saudi, how it is different doing business here and the help companies need to start, survive, thrive and grow. It can be challenging but there are also many great opportunities.

Business in Saudi is changing fast and getting much more competitive. We recognize as business leaders it can be easy to get so stuck in the day to day stuff that it seems hard to find the time to look at the longer term or how you stack up against the competition. Often if you want to compete effectively – you need to continuously make improvements or even completely transform the way you do things – to keep growing a business you need to look at things differently and to keep finding new ways of working and differentiating your business. Our consulting with business performance coaching approach is really practical – in that it helps you structure that look forward and manage the day to day more effectively. We keep it simple and we focus on supporting you to deliver the results you want.

For policy makers and agencies involved in growing the SME Sector, attracting entrepreneurial ventures and raising the profile of the Saudi SME Agenda – we provide a consulting service that gives you focus, gets you heard, helps meet targets and most importantly closer to delivering on customer and other stakeholder needs.

To discover more about UCG – take a look around the website or call us to arrange an introductory chat over coffee.