Financial statements 101

Financial statements

A financial statement (or money related report) is a formal record of the budgetary exercises and position & performance of a business, individual, or other element. Pertinent money related data is exhibited in an organized way and in a structure straightforward.

Importance and usefulness of financial statements

Financial statements are critical for some reasons; however here are three noteworthy reasons.

  • Financial statements (articulations) let you know the execution and the worth of your organization.
  • Financial statements are what others are utilizing to gauge your organization.
  • Financial statements and different instruments assist you with dealing with your organization when you can never again be hands on with every one of the points of interest.

Financial statements hold the insider facts of an organization. Besides expressing whether the organization wins or loses cash, they additionally give pieces of information on where the administration may discover more assets to support its income. What’s more, money related statements uncover an organization’s past execution and potential. It’s just as vital for entrepreneurs to comprehend financial statement to know whether their business is gaining. It wouldn’t be excessively savvy, making it impossible to depend singularly on the bookkeeper to paint the business’ monetary circumstance.

Although financial statements give data helpful to leaders, there is much important data that they overlook. Components of business sector request, innovative advancements, union action, cost of crude materials, human capital, taxes, government regulation, appropriations, contender activities, wars, demonstrations of nature, and so forth can have an emotional impact on an organization’s prospects.

Differences between Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow

Income statement: Income statement shows the performance of the business over a period of time. It summarizes the costs incurred during the period to run the operations of the business to generate revenue and profit from it for the interested parties. Once the profit is in hand, after addressing all costs, the Income statement shows how this income is distributed among the interested parties or how the generated income is retained to invest in the business itself.

Balance sheet

The balance sheet can let you know where an organization stands monetarily, and is isolated into three primary segments – resources, liabilities, and value. An organization’s advantages must be equivalent to (or “parity” out) its liabilities in addition to value.

Cash flow statement

A cash flow statement lets you know about the general stream of cash into and out of an organization. The announcement is partitioned into three areas – operations, contributing, and financing. It’s the most important statement for small businesses as businesses survive by understanding their cash flow health and ability to pay short term obligations as well collecting cash to support operations.

In the first place, the operations segment demonstrates the income from the organization’s center business operations.

Second, the contributing segment contains an organization’s costs identified with buying new hardware or structures, and additionally purchasing securities and different sorts of ventures that include money leaving the organization’s records.

Third, the financing segment shows changes in an organization’s obligation, advances, or profits. For instance, when an organization gets money thus from issuing obligation, this adds to the cash. Later, when the organization makes payment installments to obligation holders, money is decreased.


Importance of financial statements to small businesses

Small and Medium sized businesses have monetary declarations that provides a map of how current plans of action are running and whether they are beneficial. Budgetary articulations can incorporate data on capital consumptions, business wage, business patterns, income, organization asset reports and how money is taken care of. As a small business manager, there are an assortment of reasons why it is imperative for you to continually understand and monitor your organization’s financial stability which incorporates; Accuracy, Accountability, Financial choices and Financial health.



Tariq Linjawi

CEO – Managing Partner